Contour Dental Arts, Huntington, Vermont


View of Camels Hump from Huntington in Vermont

True to Vermont tradition, we believe in providing a product that is of superior quality and value.

Contour Dental Arts opened its doors in 1998, nestled in the mountains of Huntington, Vermont. Our mission was to escape the high-stress, production-line style, dental laboratory environment that inhibits personal happiness and creativity. Today, we enjoy a wonderful clientele as well as a cheerful working environment.

Our main rule is this: If we wouldn't want the restoration in our mouth, it doesn't get shipped out the door. We think it's a good rule.

As a business, we are extremely consciencious of the way we treat our environment. We reuse and recycle as many materials posssible as a way to keep costs down and avoid inundating the landfills with waste.


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