Contour Dental Arts, Huntington, Vermont


gold crowns

Gold Crowns

Our full-cast, precious alloy, crowns are artistically created to match the unique anatomy of the adjacent teeth. Each crown is custom carved and not made from a mold or generic anatomy chart. [read more]

anteriors implants

Anteriors / Implants

We have expertise in multiple-unit, anterior, restorative cases, including complex implant-supported situations. We work with all brands of implant components and have over 28 years combined experience ranging from extreme trauma cases to the single anterior. [read more]

pfgs full porcelain

PFGs / Full Porcelain

Our full-porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns are skillfully sculpted, resulting in beautiful anatomy, as well as properly placed occlusal inclines. The incisal and body porcelains are carefully layered to eliminate opaque show-through, resulting in a lovely, realistic, restoration. [read more]


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