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PFGs, Full Porcelain

wilbond bio 88pf dental alloy

A Few Details on Zirconia Restorations

Our Full Porcelain Crowns have a 3M LAVA Zirconia substucture and we use Noritake porcelain to sculpt the crown. In a study published in CRA Foundation Newsletter, November, 2006, Noritake porcelain was the only porcelain showing no surface degradation after 1 year. The study also proved no breakage or delamination. Retention was 100% and margin fit and aesthethics were clinically the same as PFGs.

pfg full porcelain

What about PFGs?

Again, we stress materials here. We use a Palladium free 88% gold alloy, which means no adverse tissue reaction. We sculpt our crowns with Finesse Low Fusing Porcelain by Ceramco. It is 78% less abrasive to the opposing dentition then traditional porcelains and has a lovely pearlescent effect, creating life-like restorations.



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